Sunday, November 25, 2012

So we made it to Haiti just fine. Long day of travel.  Got set up in camp, had oe iner, and then a few cold beers.  just finished breakfast, and off to the build site soon.   it is overcast, and hope it stays that way!

Blackberry is really tought with blogger.  i probably won't post too much, sorry.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Ready to go!

So Tony and I made it to Atlanta; we fly out to Haiti at 6:30 tomorrow morning. bogger is not letting me upload pics, but ill try again in Haiti.  I will try to get on a pC once we get to camp. Maybe better than BlackBerry. We will see!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Well, it's that time of year again.  Back to Haiti for the second (and final) round of the Habitat for Humanity Jimmy Carter Work Project.  I was able to coerce a friend, and fellow VW colleague, Tony Cooke, to join me this year.  Hopefully he won't hate me when we get back :).

This Friday, we fly to Atlanta for orientation, and then off to Port au Prince on Saturday morning.  We begin the build the build on Sunday morning, and finish on Friday.  The final 100 homes.  Tony and I will be joined by about 600 of our closest friends, as well as President and Mrs. Carter.

This year we will bealso joined by a large group from Haven Partnership in Ireland.  Haven worked the build site last year before our arrival, and some of them stayed around for another week to staff the mess hall and continue the build.  I am thrilled to have the whole Haven group joining us this year.  We would have starved to death last year without the Irish!

I am hoping to update this blog daily, provided my camera and communication network is as good as it was last year.  If not, you get to hear all about it when I get back.  I know our team is much better prepared this year, and know exactly what to expect.  FYI, below are links to both the HfH and Haven websites that talk more about the project.

All the Best,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Last Pics, I Promise. Be Careful, I might Drag You Along Next Year.....

OK, a Few More......

A Few More Last Pics


finally getting back to my normal routine. lots of questions about my experience from friends, co-workers, etc. all of them make me think of what we accomplished while in haiti. the situation there will not change overnight, but being able to help 500 families who lost almost everything is a pretty good place to start. it will take time, money, and lots of work to get haiti back on track, and i plan to be a small part of that.

i made some great new friends in haiti. it is nice to know so many people are willing to sacrifice just a little of their time and energy for such a great cause. to my new friends from broward county habitat (and beyond, you know who you are), thanks for welcoming me into you group. It made my time there even more valuable. to linda, you were a great leader, with not the easiest task. to the irish folks from haven partnership, thanks for the great food and drink, and for just being irish. to my other friends and co-workers, thanks for the experience; it is one i will never forget. to the carter family and habitat, thanks for the opportunity; you do amazing things. and lastly, thanks to the haitian people for being such gracious hosts. i will never forget the smiles and waves, particularlly from the children. i am already planning for my return trip in 2012! attached are a few more of my favorite pics from the weeks. feel free to share if you like!

all the best,